I configured DNS (bind9) and Apache in FreeBSD 4.7 (IP: My server name on FreeBSD - myserver.mydomain.com This server configuration:

1. /etc/resolv.conf
domain mydomain.com
2. Bind config:
I have domain:
This domain hosts:
server ( - server and DNS-server (FreeBSD)
site1 (
site2 (
xpcomp (

3. Apache config (httpd.conf):

NameVirtualHost myserver.mydomain.com

  <VirtualHost site1>
   ServerName site1.mydomain.com
   ServerAlias site1
   DocumentRoot /usr/local/proj/site1/html
   ErrorLog /usr/local/proj/site1/_log/error_log
   CustomLog /usr/local/proj/site1/_log/access_log common

FreeBSD is a Virtual Mashine (based on VMWare Workstation 4) under WinXP.
In Windows XP Lan config I wrote:
DNS ->

My Computer settings:
 Name: xpcomp
 Workroup: MyWorkgroup
 DNS suffix: mydomain.com

When I in browser load my local site with url http://site1/ I want, that
browser automatically to the end of base url addes domain name in bind config.
http://site1/ -> http://site1.mydomain.com
http://site1/test/index.html -> http://site1.mydomain.com/test/index.html

How can I make this think? What config i need to correct: apache, bind or
something another? (I can show my bind config files)

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