I booted into single-user mode and ran 'fsck' - the latest output to the terminal says:

****    FILE SYSTEM MARKED CLEAN        ****
        Last Mounted on /usr
        Phase 1 - check blocks and sizes


Will fsck continue attempting to fix the filesystem? Have I suffered a total loss or is fsck still doing its thing?

If this is a total loss, can I do anything to get my data back?


Rishi Chopra wrote:
I'm getting the following error message during startup:

/usr: mount pending error: blocks 16 files 1

I'm guessing this orrcured due to a shutdown during background fsck of the filesystem.

Will the error fix itself (e.g. will the boot process continue and finally proceed to a prompt) or do I need to intervene? If intervention is required, how would I go about setting things right?

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