lee slaughter disturbed my sleep to write:
> OK, looks like 5.1 sk diver doesn't  support 3C940 but 5.2 does.
> So can I get a 5.2 sk driver and load the module?
> Or do I have to rebuild kernel?

Hm...I've never tried using a module from a different version of FreeBSD
before, but I'd be wary of trying it.  I suspect it would just not work,
rather than actually cause harm, but the best thing to do really would
be to install 5.2 (or wait for 5.2.1), either by grabbing a new ISO
image or using CVSup to grab the source and rebuild everything.
Instructions on CVSup and building world can be found in the handbook
(http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3451207.stm and

> yeah, it was Intel 21143 chip and it showed up.

Or, if you've got a working ethernet card, you may just want to use that
instead -- there's no doubt it'd be a great deal easier.

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