Derrick Ryalls wrote:

I have just finished installing FreeBSD v 4.9. I have searched numerous archives but still have not found the answers on how to configure my server to work with Verizon DSL. Could somebody please help or push me in the right direction. Your help is greatly appreciated.

When I was with VerizonDSL in NW Washington, USA, I just set the outside
interface to normal DHCP.  Most (possibly all) verizon uses PPPoE, I
believe.  My service was lowsy, so it was a pain to figure out (i.e. was I
doing something wrong or was it the service).


I'm in NW Washington, have VerizonDSL, and it's just a plain ethernet connection. I'm sure whether it's PPPoE or not is a function of location, but apparently it's a function of a pretty specific location.

Maybe giving the brand/model would help?
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