I'm sure this is someplace obvious, (Probably in an email I
deleted/misfiled) but I'm not finding it.

I'm not sure where to post two documentation bugs in src/UPDATING
RELENG_5_2 and one of which predates RELENG_5_1 and one documentation
bug in all versions of vinum for FreeBSD

documentation bug 1:  Vinum does not conflict with /devfs, contrary to
what is stated in UPDATING. I don't know what version it started
working. but it works in RELENG_5_1, and RELENG_5_2

documentation bug 2:  Vinum no longer supports swap partitions.  This is
a new development in RELENG_5_2, as vinum is not completely ported to
the new framework.

documentation bug 3: man vinum. all version BUGS - lack of high level
tools. (This will be taken care of as more people use this great piece
of software.)


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