I've been thinking about the combination of tools/applications needed to have 
PIM functionality at the console.  This would allow me to use the same 
software on my desktop (FreeBSD) and NEC Mobilepro (NetBSD).

Syncing - rsync should provide efficient syncing of email if I use the maildir 
email format.  Since the address book is in one file, I'll have to be careful 
about where/when I make entries.  I can script the rsync activities for ease 
of use.

Email - mutt, fetchmail, msmtp and procmail can handle the email functions.

Address book - abook can provide the address book and works with mutt.

Schedule/Calendar - ???  Here's where I'm stumped.  cal will show me calendars 
when I need then; but I don't know what to use to keep track of meetings and 
other appointments.  calendar has lists of dates; but doesn't facilitate data 
entry and the format doesn't facilitate various fields of information (date, 
time, place, subject, contact, etc).  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Andrew Gould

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