On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 09:38:53PM -0500, JJB wrote:

> I have an need to build an web page environment which could look
> just like the FBSD online handbook. An document index page with
> links into the big document, and each displayed page having
> previous, home, and next links at both the top and bottom of the
> page. Was some kind of tool used to build the FBSD handbook that
> automatically builds all the links for you, or was all that done by
> hand?

The Handbook (and the rest of the documentation) is authored in
DocBook SGML.  If you want something just like the online Handbook,
you might try DocBook SGML or XML, or for a more web-centric output,
even the DocBook Website system.  You can get information on all of
them from here:



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