Re-posted due to no replies 

Having spent some time trying to get the onboard sound working on an Intel
845G M/B I eventually worked my way to the ich sound driver.  If there had
been a man page for it, I'd probably have discovered this more quickly.

Anyway, although still very much a newbie when it come to FreeBSD I've
created what I think may be the basics of a man page for this driver.

The question is, how and who do i submit it to?  The doc project page says
they don't do man pages.

If anyone on this list would like to comment on the content and or handle
it, then here it is:


     ich -- Intel/NVidia PCI bridge device driver

     device ich

     The ich bridge driver allows the generic audio drivers including
     to attach to the following PCI sound devices:

     o   Intel 443MX
     o   Intel ICH (82801AA)
     o   Intel ICH (82801AB)
     o   Intel ICH2 (82801BA)
     o   Intel ICH3 (82801CA)
     o   Intel ICH4 (82801DB) (Volume controls not working?)
     o   Intel ICH5 (82801EB)
     o   SiS 7012
     o   Nvidia nForce
     o   Nvidia nForce2
     o   Nvidia nForce3
     o   AMD-768
     o   AMD-8111



     Katsurajima Naoto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
     Cameron Grant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
     [EMAIL PROTECTED] (man page)


Hope it's of some use and is vaguely correct.

Any speling misteaks are the reult of a bad insallation of mod_spelink.
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