Andrew L. Gould wrote:
> Schedule/Calendar - ???  Here's where I'm stumped.  cal will show
> me calendars when I need then; but I don't know what to use to
> keep track of meetings and other appointments.  calendar has lists
> of dates; but doesn't facilitate data entry and the format doesn't
> facilitate various fields of information (date, time, place,
> subject, contact, etc).  Does anyone have any suggestions?

at(1) works okay for me, along with a "mailnote" script which sends
a one-liner to my inbox or cell phone.

For example:

   > at 2:30pm
   mailnote meeting at 3pm

You might want wrappers to organize things the way you like.  I have
one to reorganize atq and at -c output so I can read my upcoming
notes or make sure the date is right on a job.  A few times I've
seen "at 9am tomorrow" turned into 9am two days from now, so it is
definitely funky.

David Brinegar
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