I'm using SpamAssassin through amavisd-new, installed from these FreeBSD 


Today, I made some changes to my local.cf and then ran 
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/amavisd.sh stop, followed by 
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/amavisd.sh start.

To my surprise, amavisd failed to start with the following error 

Problem in the antispam code: Can't use subscript on split at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Mail/SpamAssassin.pm line 100, near "1]" 
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 50) line 11.

I reversed my changes to local.cf and tried again, but got the same 
error message. I also tried removing local.cf entirely, but the error 
message still remained.

Relevant passage of SpamAssassin.pm is this:

-------------------------------< cut >-------------------------------
# If you hacked up your SA, add a token to identify it here. Eg.: I use
# "mss<number>", <number> increasing with every hack.
if (defined $IS_DEVEL_BUILD && $IS_DEVEL_BUILD) {
  push(@EXTRA_VERSION, ( 'r' . qw{$LastChangedRevision: 6141 $ updated by SVN}[1] ));
-------------------------------< cut >-------------------------------

Line 100 is the one starting with push. When I comment out this line, 
amavisd+SA load fine and seem to work OK, even after I put back my local.cf 
file including today's modifications.

However, I'd like to find out what caused the problem. I haven't upgraded
SA nor amavisd-new nor anything else I can think of on this server for a
month or so, and I haven't had this problem before. Come to think of it, the only
time I've run 'amavisd.sh start' with this version of amavisd+SA was immediately 
after the last upgrade of amavisd+SA, since then it has been running continuously. 
But it must have worked then.

Maybe there is something in the Perl code above that is immediately obvious to 
anyone knowing Perl, but IANAP.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,
Toomas Aas | [EMAIL PROTECTED] | http://www.raad.tartu.ee/~toomas/
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