Tom Parquette wrote:
I've been playing with gnupg trying to get comfortable with it.
I've looked at the man pages and I have also read the O'Reilly PGP book.
I searched the FreeBSD mailing lists and I didn't find anything.

I'm trying to create multiple public key rings because of statements in the PGP book about performance problems with single, large, public key rings.

To test, I created a normal public key ring then I tried to create a FreeBSD public key ring using the --keyring FreeBSD option to GPG.

No matter what I do, everything seems to end up in the single public key ring.

Can someone help me understand this behaviour?

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From gpg's man pages:

--show-keyring Causes --list-keys, --list-public-keys, and
--list-secret-keys to display the name of the keyring a given key resides on. This is only useful when you're listing a specific key or set of keys. It has no effect when listing all keys.

--keyring file Add file to the list of keyrings. If file begins with a tilde and a slash, these are replaced by the HOME directory.If the filename does not contain a slash, it is assumed to be in the GnuPG home directory ("~/.gnupg" if --homedir is not used). The filename may be prefixed with a scheme:
"gnupg-ring:" is the default one.
It might make sense to use it together with --no-default-keyring.

Make sure there is not file path mangling/confusion.

Maybe try using gpa or kgpg from the ports.

I did not try anything like that. That's all I can think of.

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