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I just bought BSDfree version 5.1 because I had very good comments about your operating system. Our company is planning to use as a NAT server . I want to know where can I take some courses to have at least the basics that it looks to be an awesome operating system.

For a production system, the 5.x branch of FreeBSD (sic!) is not quite ready yet, so you should better go with FreeBSD 4.9 (FreeBSD 4.x is the so-called stable branch at the present).

If you insist in deploying FreeBSD 5.x, please note that FreeBSD 5.2 is
already out.

I too bought shrink-wrapped 5.1 CD set from bookstore and now have it running pretty well.
I really don't feel like re-installing it already but the implication is that if you (unwittingly) installed a -CURRENT, you need to keep it up, i.e. go today to 5.2, etc.....

I don't wanna do that. I'm newbie and my box is production-prone and I don't want bleeding edge and too ignorant to be in the -CURRENT branch.

So.... are we recommended to go to 4.9-STABLE? (implying no updates until next -STABLE comes out?

What are the dire consequences of staying with 5.1 until 5-STABLE comes out... and not always upgrading?

tks..... this is a great os and a great support group, btw.

lee slaughter

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