I thank you for your display of considerable arrogance and unwillingness to
cooperte on a socdial or business level.
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> Greg Wilson wrote:
> >
> >Hi
> >
> >I reference these two documents, where you have publish my private
> >
> This was obviously inadvertent, but as has been pointed out you mailed a
> mailing list, not an individual, and so your correspondence has never
> been private. We all read it as soon as you sent it out.
> The fact that this is a mailing list is made very clear on the FreeBSD
> website.
> All mails sent to this list are archived (and mirrored around the world)
> automatically, and this is a necessary and important part of the way
> these lists function. It means an archive (which is searchable) builds
> up as a point of reference, so people who are dealing with problems and
> issues can refer to it. Also, there's some chance that questions won't
> be asked over and over again. Again, this is made clear on the FreeBSD
> website. Indeed, you can search the archives right there.
>  From time to time people do send inappropriate messages to the list.
> Frankly, most subscribers would prefer it if they didn't. Your mail was
> in this category. Inappropriate mails waste people's time. You are, in
> effect, asking someone to waste more time.
> > I am writing to ask you to remove these documents which were published
with out my consent.
> >
> >
> IANAL, but I'd have thought that the act of sending a mail to a public,
> open, archived forum constitutes consent to the contents of that mail
> being displayed in a public, open, archived forum.
> >Please tell me when they are removed,
> >
> >
> The horse left the stable when you first posted the mails. I can't see
> that any harm has been done. But if it has, it happened when you sent
> the mails. Perhaps you could consider this to have been a learning
> experience?
> PWR.

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