On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Mikhail Teterin wrote:

>               [Now CC-ing Chuck Cranor -- the en's author]
> => =>         http://store.yahoo.com/softbuyweb/inpcidslmod3.html
> => =What makes you think we have a driver for this?
> => The en(4) manual page and the description of this product (on the
> => page above) as one based on Efficient Network's chip. Can there be
> => anything else?
> =I'd be dubious.. the en driver was for an old expensive ATM card from
> ='95 or so.. even though the ad says it supports PPPoE among other
> =things, I'd be pretty surprised if we could talk to it..
> =(surprises do happen though)
> So, back to the original question -- am I likely to have to any problems
> with natd and ipfw dealing with this non-Ethernet interface -- assuming
> en-driver attaches to this card at all?
> Any other ATM card I should consider as an internal DSL modem? Thanks!

natd and ipfw will work with any interface.. they are attached to teh ip

I don't KNOW of any DSL cards that are supported but it's difficult to
keep abreast of ALL developments :-)

>       -mi
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