On Friday 06 February 2004 10:47 am, Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> I get access to the Internet via a wireless connection to my router in
> another room. I use a usb wireless adapter (Netgear WG121), which works
> fine under Win....but I am really not sure how to get this working with
> FreeBSD 5.1. I have read the manual and a few forum posts, and it seems
> that USB adapters are supported by default in FreeBSD 5? Is this true, or
> is there something I need to enable in the kernel? I am just not sure what
> to
> do in order to get this working, and until it works...my BSD box is
> without inet access :(:( Could anyone help?
> when I insert the USB wireless adapter whilst sitting in a shell...I get:
> ugen1: BayNETGEAR product 0x4210, rev 2.00/2.03, addr2
> But "ifconfig -a" reveals no wireless adapters :(
> Thanks for your time!
> Best regards
> Wang

ugen is the generic usb driver used when the system doesn't know better; that 
is, it doesn't recognize the card.

I got tired of looking for compatible wireless equipment; so I use the DLink 
DWL900AP+.  It connects to your ethernet port and is configured via web 
browser to act in one of 4 modes, including access point or client.  This 
makes it OS-neutral to a great extent.  (You'll need to hand enter your 
access points MAC address when you chose client mode -- the browse button 
seems to work only from Windows.)  I think the newer version, DWL2000, uses 

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould

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