I need help with my Compaq AlphaServer DS20E.  I was able to easily install
Redhat 7.2 on the machine but I cannot install FREEBSD 5.2 on the box.  The
kernel boots and then I try to continue with the install and I receive NO
DISKS FOUND  Please verify that your disk controller is being properly
probed at boot time.  
I have already tried wiping out all the disks with:  
chmod +w dka*

exer -a w dka* &
I'm pretty much at a loss and cannot understand why it cannot find the
disks.  It has an Adaptec AIC-7895 controller and 4 IDE hard drives (Cypress
82C693 IDE)
Please help.  I need to get this installed.  Thanks.
Rich Paredes
Systems Administrator
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