Ruslan N. Gogunsci wrote:
Hello All,

I use FreeBSD5.2
I have one problem with mozilla,when i try in run it says: No window found
I try Mozilla1.5 and 1.6 from ports:with xft and without it, with gtk2 and
without it, frome packages,but always have this problems
Interesting, that in another box with FreeBSD5.2 it'a work fine
Another box and my use same ports tree. All soft installed via ports.
I read google,and find that I must reistall xft but it doesn't help

Well, the 'no window found' comes from the startup script /usr/X11R6/bin/mozilla when it calls the mozilla binary to check to see if mozilla is already running. If it is not, then that message gets generated by mozilla. If there is a running mozilla, you will not get that message.


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