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Hi all.  I'm trying to setup Qmail on one of my systems.  Being a former
user of Sendmail, I decided to try to find a HOWTO or something to get
me started.  So, I found this one...

http://stevenfettig.com/mythoughts/archives/000090.php.  It looked to be
fairly through, so I tried it.  From what I can tell, I configured
everything correctly, but something is wrong.  I can see the processes
running, and netstat shows that something is listening on port 25, but
when I try to telnet to that port, I get disconnected immediately.  Can
someone offer a clue as to what is going on?  I'd be willing to talk to
someone off list if someone is willing as well.

Did you stop the sendmail process? It could be taking over SMTP on 25 and qmail cannot run...

What is the output of svstat /service/*  and
svstat /service/*/log

You will need to do this as root.

Please respond to list only, thanks... I'll get it from there.

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