On 08-Feb-2004 stan wrote:
> I'm still trying to get my missing handbook back.
> I added teh doc cvsup file to teh set I processes with teis weekends cvsup
> run, on teh machine I want this on. Ran cvsup, make buildowrld, amke
> buildkernel, make installworld, make isntallkernel, and mergemaster.
> But, still no handbook. Is he a make doc target I need to run?

The handbook, etc. are not built via make world.  You have to make them
separately under /usr/doc:

cd /usr/doc
make install

Be sure to set DOC_LANG to your desired language(s) before you begin.  You can
add this to /etc/make.conf.

You'll also need to have the complete docproj port installed.

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