On Monday 09 February 2004 01:37, Mike Harding wrote:

> I was playing around with kde 3.2 and a crashing artsd was locking up
> my sound system - any further attempts to use sound from gnome or xmms
> or anything failed with
> /dev/dsp - device busy
> messages.  fstat and lsof showed nothing holding the device.  A reboot
> would fix it, but why reboot FreeBSD?
> I then remembered from a while ago that if I did the following...
> # cat /dev/dsp
> and then of course cntl-C to stop the output
> the device was no longer busy!

What would be interesting to know, if that output stops sometime. Try:
cat /dev/dsp > /var/tmp/out.wav

That would mean, that arts has something written to the device upon crash and 
the device blocks, waiting for somebody to unload it.

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