I've searched all over and posted a question to gnome mailing lists, and
still don't have an answer to this annoyance. Hopefully somebody here
might know a solution, even though this isn't freebsd-specific.

How can I fix the gnome screensaver so that it utilizes my full
1280x1024 screen when I'm docked and using my external monitor? When I
am using my laptop monitor (1024x768), the screen saver consumes the
entire screen, just as it should. But when I'm on my 1280x1024 monitor,
the Gnome screensaver only consumes 1024x768 area of the monitor,
leaving the remaining active desktop space visible.
I pretty sure that this is a gnome problem, because in the past, when I
used KDE, the screensaver worked fine. I also  know that this has
nothing to do with freebsd config, because I had the same issue with
both Redhat9 and Fedora.

Again, I know that this is not FreeBSD problem, but I tried everywhere
else, and am shooting in the dark at this point.

Thanks for any input,

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