On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 09:41:07AM -0800, Rob2 wrote:
> I can't even log in without permission errors, yet all the files in my 
> home directory are rob.rob permissions.  I end up at the root directory 
> where all homeless users end up

What about permissions on /home, /usr, /usr/home?  And the owner has
permissions to read, write, and execute?  What fs is the partition.

> Nvidia video doesn't work.  I downloaded the latest binary from Nvidia 
> and I don't know where it went on my computer.

Can't help you much there, it depends on where you told it to save it
as, though if you used mozilla to d/l it, you can try d/ling another
file and see what directory mozilla tries to save it in.  I've used that
trick before when I forgot to tell it to save it in the right location.

> I'm just having a bad day.  BTW Win XP is working flawlessly, just to 
> rub it in.  This is Dell 8600 laptop.  I just needed to rant and 
> complain.  It will get figured out in time.  I remember when I bought my 
>  Sony laptop I had a whole crop of similar problems.

If you really want help with this, it would be nice if you asked with a
little less whining and trying to tell us how well XP is working doesn't
help much either.  If FreeBSD was worked as flawless and easy as XP in
the areas where XP is better than there would be no reason for anyone to
use XP anymore and the world would convert to FreeBSD.

> Rob
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I sense much NT in you.
NT leads to Bluescreen.
Bluescreen leads to downtime.
Downtime leads to suffering.
NT is the path to the darkside.
Powerful Unix is.

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