On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 05:05:43PM -0500, Gerard Samuel wrote:
> Im not sure what to google for, so Im checking here to see if any other 
> FreeBSD users experience this.
> Every now and then my emails that I send contain extra characters like
> =2D and =46
> I have no idea what is causing it, and Im hoping someone on here can direct me 
> to something on the net to help me correct this.
> Thanks for any advise you can pass along...

That's something to do with the quoted-printable MIME type used in the
body of many e-mails.  See RFC 2045, section 6.7 at, eg:


However, your mail client should translate those character escapes
back to normal text before displaying it -- perhaps you're seeing the
escapes in some messages because those messages don't have the correct
MIME type in the headers?



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