Yes mc does show graphical directory tree for the local HD, but it
has no way to be used from within FTP so both local and remote sides
can be navigated.

Maybe graphical directory tree is bad selection of words.

Restated as FTP client that presents an local and remote windows
that can be individually navigated to specify file to be sent or to
get and directory to receive it in or to get it from.

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> FBSD Friends
> On my gateway server I do not run X.
> Looking for recommendation on command line  Graphical FTP client.
> Something with directory tree to select the 'from' and 'to'
> locations.
> Are there any?
> Thanks


This is not an ftp client but it can do what you ask for. It's not
great for ftp but you could check it out as a last resort if you
find anything better.

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