The same thing happened to me on a PII Siemens laptop last night.  At the
time I figured it was just a heat issue, but perhaps there is more to it.  I
hard booted it and just let make carry on.  I can't tell if there is a
problem running KDE 3.20 yet as it's not finished compiling...  It was
definitely kdelibs where it froze though.

KDE-3.1.4 > KDE-3.20 on 5.2

Good Luck!


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> Subject: 5.2.1 - KDELibs and total freeze-up
> Well folks, 
>       Like the subject states - is anyone having this issue 
> when portupgrading 
> KDE-3.1.4 to KDE-3.20 (kdelibs) under 5.2.1?
>       Some stats, I'm using an AthelonXP 2100 and the mb type 
> fleas my thought 
> process at the moment.  In any event, portupgrade hums along 
> then nada - 
> total freeze. 
>       I'm forced to hard boot the box.
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> Best regards,
> Chris

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