Jerry McAllister wrote:

In any case, do not use /stand/sysinstall for this. You need more direct control and should use disklabel directly. As mentioned in my previous posting use the command 'disklabel -e -r asd1s1' and then edit the tmp file

Malcolm Kay wrote: > > A good chance it will work -- but pre-existing 'f' and 'g' data is lost.

Thank you guys for your help. I actually did use sysinstall (sorry, Jerry) and mission is accomplished. Yes, indeed, I lost the data is the two merged partitions 'f' and 'g', but that was no problem; I needed to keep the data in all other partitions. Sysinstall did all that for me.

Meanwhile I learned a lot more about disklabel, thanks to your comments.
Great and many thanks,
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