On Thursday 12 February 2004 07:13 am, Malcolm Kay wrote:
> I'd like to be able to switch the monitors on a number of
> our computers into standby mode from a software program
> running on a virtual console; and wakeup either when a key is
> pressed or when the program has new information to display.
> I can probably manage to control blank screen savers but I
> would prefer to power down the displays to standby modes.
> The machines are those small size 'kitchen computer' VIA
> based cubes (almost). The monitors are LCD displays.
> Are there ioctls to help with this?
> How do I go about it?


FWIW, there's an option called DPMS in your XF86Config file under the monitors 
section.  I know you have to have a fairly recent version of X for this.  

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