On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 11:57:59AM -0500, Bob Collins wrote:
> I am running a few boxes(n) on 4.9-RELEASE and am wondering about
> updating the ports and source. Using CVSup, should I tag src with
> RELENG_4, or RELENG_4_9? And what if any are the differences, that
> are not already noted in the handbook? Up to this point, I have not
> updated the system since install....



to quote:

    The line of development for FreeBSD-4.X, also known as FreeBSD-STABLE.

        The release branch for FreeBSD-4.9, used only for security advisories and
        other critical fixes.

> I think I have a rather good grasp of the topic, but there is a little
> confusion on my part. I am thinking if I read correctly, using RELENG_4
> will update to the latest in the 4.x branch and I'll be at 4.9-Current,
> no? And RELENG_4_9 will be only updates to the 4.9 branch?
No to the first question, yes to the second :P


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