"Evan Dower" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hmm... That is what I expected it to do, but when I tried it, I ended
> up with an empty hostname. Of course, I don't remember now if I
> commented out that line or just set it to empty. Actually, looking at
> /etc/defaults/rc.conf I see that if I comment it out in /etc/rc.conf
> it gets set to the empty string in the default, so it shouldn't
> matter. Anyway, like I said, I tried that and just ended up with an
> empty hostname. Perhaps that indicates something is wrong with my
> configuration...

Well, I didn't *try* it, I just read through dhclient-script.
I'll try to take a closer look.

> Thanks very much for the help (any other ideas?),

You could always just create you *own* script (using the
dhclient-exit-hooks script, ideally) which sets hostname on the new
name unconditionally.
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