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> Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:
> >On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 22:04:53 +0100
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> >
> >  
> >
> >>I have read the handbook but have been following (Itīs easier to have a 
> >>book in front of you when installing).  The Complete FreeBSD  4th 
> >>edition when installing, where Greg Lehey recommends the partitioning  
> >>that I have running right now so.....
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >
> > >/                     4G
> > >swap          800M
> > >/home           35G
> >
> >NOP. No way.
> >
> >What he says and you forgot to do is something about sym-linking /tmp to
> >/var/tmp, if memory serves. If you want to extent this to have symlinks like this:
> >/tmp --> /home/tmp
> >/usr --> /home/usr
> >/var --> /home/var
> >you can. But there is no reason to do so.
> >In fact the default setup is just the other way:
> >/home --> /usr/home
> >Please refer to hier(7) to see layout of FreeBSD.
> > 
> >Grog's book was for a few years the only one available and it's my personal
> >favorite. Nevertheless the FreeBSD handbook is the official reference.
> >
> >>as a newbie how should I know which one is the most accurate?  Now I 
> >>know you ll say the handbook, so from now on I will follow the handbook.
> >
> >Read Grog's book, it makes a few times every cent you have spent on it.
> >
> >>Thanks for answering
> >>gaf
> >  
> >
> I have the book in front of me.....sorry  but there are nothing said 
> about symlinks.

Well, he must have change it in this version. Sorry.

> It says:
> " Creating the file systems
> With these considerations in mind, weīll divide up the disk in the 
> following manner:
> 4G for the root file system, which includes /usr and /var
> 512M swap space
> The rest of the disk for /home file system"

Personally I don't agree with this kind of setup for many reasons. But
think about how *you* will be using the disk space before following
anyone's suggestion. And think about how large is your disk vs. the disk
in the examples you get.

> Next is "Selecting distributions"
> I canīt figure out any other way to decipher this........do you???

For now just do what others suggested and symlink /tmp. eventually do
the same with /usr/ports/distfiles, if you have a lot of them. Mine is
like this (see my other post also):

[EMAIL PROTECTED]> /home/itetcu [0:11:34] 0
 # du -hs /home/ftp/pub/FreeBSD/distfiles/
 12G    /home/ftp/pub/FreeBSD/distfiles/
[EMAIL PROTECTED]> /home/itetcu [0:11:39] 0 
# ll /usr/ports/distfiles
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  32 Jan  9 00:46 /usr/ports/distfiles -> 

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