Given X not running, is there a way to interrupt/shutdown the system when it doesn't respond to ctrl^c? My Intel system running a recent 5.1-Release -> 5.2-Release upgrade hung when I typed 'xdm' for the first time. (Normally I start x with 'startx'.) I waited for a while, then powered down.
Now the system boots with all four ad0sd1x partitions reporting Warning: 'NO WRITE' and 'UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY' during bootup.
In single-user mode, I can remount them read/write, as I saw described in a mail thread:
mount -u -o ro /dev/ad0sd1a / (example for /, also applies to /tmp, /var and /usr)... then run fsck:
fsck /
... all mounts pass- fsck doesn't complain. But each time it boots, fsck run manually reports the same errors as above for all the hard drive mounts.
So, to summarize:
Question 1: is there a way to shutdown the system properly when it hangs on starting X? I tried logging in remotely and couldn't- apparently sshd wasn't happy.
Question 2: what might I do to repair my filesystems or hard drive if either is broken, given that fsck run manually doesn't complain or fix anything once the filesystems have been remounted r/w?
(Question 3: why does fsck seem to contradict itself, reporting errors during bootup but not when run manually in single-user mode?)
--Mark Hessler, excited new migrant from microsoft.

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