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On Wednesday 11 February 2004 06:25 pm, richard wrote:


I'm trying to upgrade Freebsd 4.8 to 4.9 using sysinstall | upgrade off a
4.9 CD. All seems fine until it gets to the point where it reports it
can't even extract the bin distribution and fails.

Does anyone know of a fool-proof way to get this upgrade through?
Preferably some idiot-proof instructions I can follow.



If you have broadband, install cvsup, read the man page on that, and install new sources over FTP via cvsup. Once you have a correct supfile, it's pretty brainless. Most of us have some upgrading done via cron on a regular basis, completely unattended.

Would you care to summarize your upgrading procedure which you process on a "regular
basis, completely unattended."? Details not necessary at this time, just very curious.

Bob Perry


Haven't done it, but I'm guessing it's:

X Y Z A cvsup /path/to/my.supfile
Q R S T cd /usr/src && make buildworld > /my/homedir/buildworld.log
"make buildkernel etc., make installkernel, make installworld, etc.

I've been thinking of scripting this procedure and
then just calling "upgrade.php*" via cron.  Doubt that
it'd be too good for the 'mergemaster' step, though.

FWIW, the chapter in the handbook actually
makes the procedure pretty clear.

Kevin Kinsey

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