Yes, mp3 does suck. Vorbis, AAC, and WMA are superior.

Vorbis is better at all bitrates, not just above some magical number. I use my PDA to play files when I'm out and about, $80 for a cheap one on eBay.

As you said though, there might be a few reasons for someone to use mp3. There are lots of cute little gagdets out there that support mp3 and wma, and not as many that support vorbis. This is changing though.


Benjamin Walkenhorst wrote:

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 23:51:19 -0600
Quintin Riis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

mp3 is outdated, use vorbis.

I wouldn't say so. Unless you show me an affordable hardware-vorbis-player. There's plenty
of CD-Players that will also play mp3-CDs, just like most
Also, I hear, XMMS does not support vorbis. I don't know for sure,

Furthermore, mp3 offers suffcient audio-quality (if your audio-source is
of good quality and your encoder is good) for most circumstances -
Vorbis, as far as I know, offers superior audio-quality only at bitrates
above 160 kbps. And at that bitrates, I don't think I could tell mp3
from vorbis, at least not using my ES1371-based sound-card and my cheap
active speakers.

Just to make things clear, there's *nothing* wrong with vorbis. If you
care for audio-quality primarily and your source offers that degree of
quality, go for vorbis! But there *are* reasons for still using mp3, and it's not exactly like
mp3 sucks. =)

abcde is nice, as is cdparanoia

AFAIK, abcde only serves as a frontend for various other tools
(cdparanoia, lame, oggenc, ...). You still need cdparanoia, oggenc,
lame, for abcde to work.


kind regards,

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