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>       When my new DNS server is finished I'm planning to create
>       around a 512MB memory file system.  An Onlamp article gives
>       some basics.  But how would I cp (say), gcc, sendmail, and
>       bind to this new fs?  Or am I looking at this the wrong way?

Unless you're talking about a vnode backed MFS (as generated by
vnconfig(8) on 4.x or 'mdconfig -t vnode' with 5.x's generic
mdconfig(8) command) you're going to have to rebuild everything you
put onto the MFS every time you recreate it.  That's not the usual way
of doing things -- generally a MFS is used for ephemeral data created
as the application runs.

On the other hand, if you're running on a vnode backed setup, then
from the point of view of populating it with files, it's just like any
other filesystem.
>       Any advice, tips, or sharing will be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm... Well, the copying can be done by all manner of means.
rsync(1), tar(1), find(1)/cpio(1) spring to mind.  pkg_add(1) works
well -- maybe with a modified $PREFIX.  Building a custom package
containing everything you want to install in your MFS so that you can
just re-install it at will would be quite a nifty idea.  Even cp(1).
If you're using a vnode backed area for a thick jail(8), then you can
install a base system on it by:

    # make installworld DESTDIR=/jail/

(assuming that's where you mount your jail...)  If you then either do
a loopback nfs mount or a null mount of /usr/ports onto the jail (see
mount_nfs(8), mount_null(8)), or even just install a separate copy of
/usr/ports, you can compile and install ports from within the jail as
just if you were in the base system.



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