matthew wrote:

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Brent Bowman wrote:

Oh boy, I guess that I've either got to find more RAM, find an
older/stripped down version of FreeBSD, or give up.

Well, if i was you i would get on the phone and call every
household that you think has a basement full of junk.
They will more than likely have an old computer down
there you can take the ram from.

I looked around a little, how would I find a skinnier version
of FreeBSD for this old box.

Did you try 3.5-RELEASE and cvsup to stable? I still run 3.4 and 3.5.

I have previously used install floppies from 3.2 (as this was the most readily available version because I still have the cd set) to install 4.x on similar machines. However, these was quite a long time ago.

When using this method, in the options section change the release you want to install from 3.2-RELEASE to the version you want to install from the cd/ftp/etc. as appropriate. Watch vtty1 for /etc/libexec to be installed and then you will be able to use vi in the holographic shell to edit /etc/fstab to change the /dev/wd* to /dev/ad*. After this you shouldn't have any problems.

Waiting until after the machine reboots before editing /etc/fstab can result in headaches and is not recommended, but is not impossible(IIRC).

Again, I should point out that the last time I did this was with an early release on the 4.x branch, I don't remember the exact version and the old 486 that would testify to the procedure is at my parents house pretending to be a paper weight.

Also, does anybody have any ideas (besides ebay) on how I would
find some really old 60ns SIMMS for that box for cheap?

If you were standing right next to me I would throw some at you :P
Are you in some strange region where it is difficult to find old ram?

I am sure a second hand pc shop will gladly give you 32mb ram (come
in pairs) for 5 bucks. 10 at most.


Jeremy Faulkner               

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