On Saturday 14 February 2004 10:45 am, Eric F Crist wrote:

Forgot to mention in regards to my basic network structure.  As I've got 5 
usable IP addresses, I've got a linksys wifi/router that does my basic 
network needs.  i.e. my laptop is connected via wifi and they all share a 
private network (192.168.1.x), so that I'm not using real address space in 
the even of a lan part, that sort of thing.  There are three other servers 
(two running, third on its way) with public, static IP addresses.  This still 
leaves one free.  The other two boxes are co-los for friends, and they're 
responsible for their own security.  They want to  learn freebsd on their 
own, so I'm going to let them. ;)  

As such, this is a firewall for my main server only.  

Again, thanks greatly to everyone who spends the time to help people on this 
Eric F Crist
AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
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