On Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 03:39:13PM -0700, RYAN vAN GINNEIKEN wrote:
> Just wondering why when i send email to yahoo or lycos and probably 
> hotmail too it always ends up in there bulk mail folder.  This is a 
> great inconvenience do i need to be on or off some sort of list or 
> something.  Any help would be appreciated
Hi Ryan,

We don't have any information to base some help on. If you like us to
help you then you sould at the at least include all information on how
you mail system is setup.

If you wan't to now way yahoo/lycos/hotmail places your emails in to
spam mails then you should ask then why this is. There little we can do
about that. Another good source for help is your own provider. You do
forward you mail don't you? (See the SMART_HUB option if you use


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