I am running FreeBSD 4.9 and have just installed KDE 3.2 from the ports
without any errors. I know for a fact I have X configured so it couldnt
be that. I added exec startkde to my .xinitrc file and ran 'startx' and
I get the following

There was an error setting up inter-process communications for KDE. The
message returned by the system was:

could not read network connection list

Please check that the dcopserver program is running.

Second error I get is

Will not save configuration
Configuration file "/home/usr/.kde/share/config/kwinrc" not writable

Configuration file "/home/usr/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals" not writable

Please contact your system admin.

 I have tried running 'dcopserver' as usr and as root with no success.
Any help would be appreciated.

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