I'm running 4.7 Release on a colocated system without access to
bios/console.  This system currently has a Highpoint RocketRaid 100
controller driving four WD 60gb (WD600JB, 8mb cache) drives in a raid 0+1
config.  I had a drive fail and the controller kept the system up and
functioning, but something has prevented rebuild from occurring, even in
the bios utility after replacing the failed drive.  HighPoint tech
support, while quick to answer the phone, has provided no guidance in the
last two weeks.  As this is a most inconvienent situation I'm considering
replacing the raid controller with a 3Ware 7506-4LP controller so I have
more reliability control from the OS level.

My two questions are:

-What driver/firmware should I use?  I have a 3Ware 6410 running in
another 4.7 system and am able to use the 3DM utils out of ports to
monitor it.  I don't know if those utils support the 7506.  3Ware has a
beta driver and command line utils for the 7506 and FreeBSD 4.8.  Which
way to go, 3ware driver or native FreeBSD driver?

-Raid 10 or 5?  Compared to the 0+1 I have now, 10 would be a nice
improvement as loss of the one drive effectively took out two of my
drives.  Raid 5 would give me an extra 60gb to use, but I don't have any
idea what the performance differential would be.  Has anybody run bonnie
or some such test against a 7506 with raid 5 in FreeBSD?

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.



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