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Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently using FreeBSD to operate some digitizing equipment. I cannot upgrade
to a newer version of FreeBSD because all the current equipment is somewhat
locked to it.

I am using FreeBSD 2.2.7-CAM. My motherboard is a Super P6SNE II, circa 1997.

I am trying to read from a CD. I am currently using a Acer 640-272 CD (40x).

The BIOS recognizes the CD - dmesg gives (approximately - not quite verbatim)

wcd0 unit 1(atapi) <ATAPI CD-ROM DRIVE 40x Maximum/NOAP>
removeable drivem iondic,
wcd0 6890 kB/s, 128 kB cache, audioplay ...
wcd0 medium type ox11, unlocked

I have tried to mount it as

mount /dev/wcd0a /cdrom

but I get a message

"Incorrect superblock."

Is there an easy way to mount the CD, or is the message telling me it is too difficult, or my CD is too new?? If so, do you know what vintage CD I could get to work?


Wayne Hocking

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