At 13:32 15/02/2004 -0800, Graham North wrote:
My FreeBSD box on the other hand is a different story.   It is a PII 166
It does go outside and connect, sometimes I can ftp download some small
files, most times the process stalls.   I generally need to open a new
terminal to kill the process.

It may be nothing to do with this, but I get similar problems on my DSL link with the default MTU setting, 1500, and I can get decidedly better performance by reducing it. Windows has some sort of dynamic adjustment, but I've found it's more reliable to set FreeBSD specifically. Try:

#ifconfig <network_interface> mtu 1438

and see if that makes a difference.

There are optimum values for the mtu, depending on your link parameters, and various formulae, but try that first before fiddling more.

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