On Sunday 15 February 2004 06:46 pm, Chris wrote:
> Is is me? Or has something changed in 5.2 that tends to make systems
> freeze up during portupgrade? Mainly - KDE-3.2.0
> That being said, I seem to be seeing this more often on other
> upgrades. Strange thing is, I considered it to be my PC however, I
> never seem to run into the total freeze when doing a buildworld.

A partial list of my ports shows

opal# pkgrep kde
kde-3.2.0           The "meta-port" for KDE
kdeaddons-3.2.0     Additional plugins and scripts for some KDE 
kdeadmin-3.2.0      KDE applications related to system administration

I think I would install xmbmon and watch the termperature while you are 
building. AMD used to provide fans that were insufficient for long time 
100% cpu activity. I had a 2000+ XP that ran 54+oC while running 
setiathome and buildworlds. My current 2400+ XPs run around 40-43oC 
with the factory fans doing the same thing.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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