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> I'm trying to feed a text file into a script.
> Script is suppose to take relevant parts and output them to a new
> file...
> Script is marked executable...
> less textfile | script.pl

Usually you would do that by:

    % script.pl < textfile

People often abuse cat(1) in this sort of case: it's the first time
I've seen anyone do it with less.
> script.pl: Command not found.
> What gives??

This typically means that the #! line in the script is incorrect --
for a perl script you need:


as the first line -- possibly with some extra flags.  This assumes you
actually have perl installed.  perl-5.005.03 comes with the base
system in 4.x, but in 5.x you have to install one of the perl ports --
perl-5.8.2 is now the default perl under 5.2 or above.  In any case,
remember to run the 'use.perl' script after installing or before
de-installing a perl port.

Nb. There are all sorts of weird ways of setting up the #! line of a
perl script floating around the perl community, but those really are a
waste of time on FreeBSD (or most modern unices for that matter).
Stick with the tried and true simple way unless you have an overriding
reason to do otherwise.



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