Hi Tweax,

  That's not PHPMyAdmin's problem, your PHP can't find dynamic
  module (and phpMyAdmin seems to dl() PHP's mysql extension).

  If you've find mysql.so (if have something like mysql.so.4,
  just link it to mysql.so to make PHP happy:
  ln -s mysql.so.4 mysql.so
  ), try to put it into dynamic modules database:
  ldconfig -m /path/to/mysql/module
  (often ldconfig -m /usr/local/mysql/lib). Note this directory
  should be owned by root (chown root:wheel /usr/local/mysql/lib).

  To do it at boottime, make *.sh script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d &
  put "ldconfig..." there. That's the thing mysql-client standart
  package installer does.

  Best regards,
               Kyryll      mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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