hi all

does anyone on the list have any production dell poweredge 1650 servers?

we have several.  we recently got a memo from our dell reps that there is a firmware 
upgrade to the PERC3 dual channel SCSI raid cards.  this firmware upgrade is 
supposedly a preventative measure - apparently, dell has had some experience with the 
cards not being able to recover after one of the raid controllers goes down, they 
explained to me on the phone that this firmware upgrade is pretty much mandatory.

of course, since our boxen are running freebsd 4.6-4.9-RELENG, the dell rep who came 
over to our server room to run the firmware upgrade would not touch them.  he left a 
disk for me to do this myself - apparently, the the firmware upgrade involves booting 
to a cdrom which applies the firmware for you, rebooting, then hitting control-m to 
get into the perc3 management console, running a consistency check (could take an hour 
or so), then rebooting into the o/s.  they informed me that i would not have to 
upgrade the kernel or download patches for freebsd's native scsi raid drivers for this 

has anyone applied the firmware upgrade to their own dells?  seems relatively 
straightforward, but thought i'd check with the list before taking down machines that 
have been running flawlessly for almost a year to apply something which may be 


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