I need to run a script that checks to see if a large directory has finished
copying onto my FreeBSD hosted Samba server. My script currently uses 'du
-s' to check the directory size. My problem is that the check can occur
while the directory is still being copied, so the du commend takes a long
time before it returns a size. I'm guessing that the reason for this is that
du recursively checks subfolders and files then totals the size, but when
the directory in question is still growing from an external source the du
command is in catch-up mode and continues its recursion until it has
outpaced the arrival of the new subdirectories/files. Is there any way to
see a quick snapshot of a file size, I hate to say this, but for example on
a Windows box you can start a folder/directory copy and if you click on the
new folder at any time during the copy you will see what Windows thinks is
the size at that time but by hitting refresh you will see the size increase.


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