Ajitesh K wrote:

Hi freinds,

We are running "NameServ1" Name server on Freebsd 4.8
We are getting some kind of error on my name server "nameserv1". FYI, "TM25"
is laptop of out side client and OS is Windows XP Home.
nameserv1.lan.company.com kernel log messages:

31 10:47:32 nameserv1 dhcpd: if IN A TM25.dhcp.company.com domain doesn't

exist add 300 IN A TM25.dhcp.company.com add 300 IN TXT
TM25.dhcp.company.com "31eb2f5e58786ebab0b6eabd298b28671f": domain already

I feel its some thing to do with Windows XP. Does any one know the fix?

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,

Ajitesh K

Your first post included 'ipfw show' output. Did you figure out what was going on there? Make sure that port 53 is available, perhaps on both TCP and UDP.

As you see, I am no expert here.  I did "dig(1)" some of
the information in your last post, and based on that and
the content of your error messages, think that you need
some A records, for starters...

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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