At 03:08 PM 2/17/2004, Derek Burns / Bend-Pak wrote:
Is there a way I can administer my FreeBSD web server from my pc?

I'm a newbie, which means I do lots of stuff to learn and correct my own errors. My workstation's a pc running win xp and I ssh into my fbsd box for most everything - even on those rare occasions when I reboot; I just log back in when the box is back up. The only downside I've discovered (I'm not running X btw) is that on the console I have multiple screens easily accessible via the ctrl-fkey combos. I used to use the screen cmd on ssh as a substitute but found it kind of confusing, ymmv.

Now I'm beginning to realize that the suspend cmd is also good for this purpose; plus I can always open additional ssh sessions. And for a gui view of my fbsd box there's ftp, and after you get samba installed that works quite well with windows explorer.

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