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> what if I have a compilehost on which I build FreeBSD(5) images, and I want to build 
> certain ports, but would like them installed in $imagedir/usr/local/whatever instead 
> of /usr/local/whatever?
> I'm aware of pkg_add's "-p" option, but that still happily keeps its administration 
> under /var/db/pkg for instance, when I would like it under $imagedir/car/db/pkg.

You can make pkg_add keep it's administrative files in a different
location by setting PKG_DBDIR in your environment.
> Also, what is the smartest way to have 'make installworld' install under something 
> other than / ? 

Actually, this is a live topic on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list at the
moment.  There's a movement to add some patches first developed in
2001 to add a 'DESTDIR' variable to the ports system, which is
complementary to the 'PREFIX' variable.  Changing 'PREFIX' will
install the port into a different location, but it will also cause the
port to set everything up assuming that it is going to be accessed
from that location. DESTDIR is different -- it will let you install
ports/packages to a different location than the location you'll be
accessing them from -- eg. installing a port from outside a jail to be
accessed from inside it, or installing on a partition which will be
NFS exported and mounted on client machines.

See ports/28155 and the thread starting at

Until then, the best route seems to be logging into the jail(8) and
installing the ports/packages from there.



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