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On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 02:30:49PM -0500, Ajitesh K wrote:
> We are running "NameServ1" Name server on Freebsd 4.8
> We are getting some kind of error on my name server "nameserv1". FYI, "TM25"
> is laptop of out side client and OS is Windows XP Home.
> nameserv1.lan.company.com kernel log messages:
> > 31 10:47:32 nameserv1 dhcpd: if IN A TM25.dhcp.company.com domain doesn't
> exist add 300 IN A TM25.dhcp.company.com add 300 IN TXT
> TM25.dhcp.company.com "31eb2f5e58786ebab0b6eabd298b28671f": domain already
> exists
> I feel its some thing to do with Windows XP. Does any one know the fix?

You have your dhcpd configured to use 'dynamic dns' function.

When the laptop gets an address via dhcp, the dhcpd sends a message to dns
to update the dns name to the new IP address.
Some windows clients can do this also if the option is configured in the
Windows DNS settings.  Here I think it is your server as the log line comes
from "dhcpd".

In this case, the name "TM25.dhcp.company.com" already exists so dhcpd reports
This may be due to a static entry in DNS zone files or because the laptop already
had an entry configured earlier.

You can check by doing a 'dig TM25.dhcp.company.com' and see what results you 
get from your DNS - you should see the name resolve to the IP address of the



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